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Saadiyat Rotana Villas & Resort. #summerhighlight

It's another beautiful day that I want to share with my beautiful glowing souls. So me and my boyfriend were invited to a little getaway in Abu Dhabi by his sister and it was just amazing. I stayed a night... Continue Reading →

Friday wise words.

Be humble, be hard working and don't give up easily. We are not entitled to anything but we are capable of achieving everything. #emilyshock I love you for reading though, it's been a while πŸ€—. Mbura ❀️


Hi guys!!!!! Am back with another post 🀣🀣. It's Monday and am feeling good, Its actually my day off. There's something about Monday that people usually hate but I don't. People always hate Mondays because in some countries it's the... Continue Reading →

Love Tag ❀️

what is love to you?

Save yourself.

save yourself.

It’s a great day to be alive!!!

Good evening to all the glowing souls who have made it to this month this year. It's a great day to be alive!!!! Wow! we are in June now. How amazing is that and how amazing is it to be... Continue Reading →

Words to wake up by β€οΈ

read to get inspired...

It’s Monday.

it's a privilege to be alive

3 Days, 3 Quotes (Day 3: Society, Rules and your butt πŸ˜‹)

Welcome to my bloggy blog which has been quiet for a while cause I have been busy πŸ˜’. Today is the 3rd quote from this challenge which I was nominated by Richa from this blog πŸ‘‰ This quote almost... Continue Reading →

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