Its so freezing here,my fingers areΒ FROZEN …did it come to your mind when i said that??Did it?? Oh Meeeeeeeen!!!! me too, that movie just froze me up to this post πŸ˜‰

Sooooooooooo, its almost winter and we’ll have frequent visits to the toilet. That’s literally the first thing that comes to my mind…toilet…i don’t think am serious with the weather, i need some sweaters and so do you 😐

People always have this cute imagination that winter is a sweet weather with all the snow outside…but i don’t…maybe its because its all sunny in my hometown and Dubai gave me a taste of winter last year, it was my first winter experience and it wasn’t good.

This weather makes it difficult to go out, its all windy and cold.

You can’t talk properly cause your mouth is shaking from the cold, you can’t hold a thing unless its hot…. like someone’s booty HA!! πŸ˜‰



….stop imagining someone’s booty, you’re so nasty, i meant a cup of coffee.When you want to go out, you have to put on like tons of t shirts and sweaters before you put on the final coat, makes you tired even before you step out :-/

The funny thing is you see people in social media dressing so good with very few clothes in winter and here you are with tons of sweaters on your body. Makes you wonder if they are not affected with the cold…Then you have to go to work, you just freeze up the whole day and when you go home,,here comes hardest part,,taking shower.

First,you get in bed thinking you will just warm up yourself then shower but end up taking a nap. You wake up after Β some minutes and you still have that shower nightmare so you decide to watch a movie or something else. When your movie is over, you go to shower and DANG IT!!!! The water is so cold.

Back to social media, everyone is happy about winter and your there covered in blankets thinking WTF!!!!

What i like about winter is the outfits collections i see, not the ones i wear. Its one or two months to winter anyway here in Dubai so there’s still time to buy all the sweaters needed.

When winter is here, don’t let anyone lie to you that you don’t have to wear tons of sweaters just to look good at the mall. Its good for the pictures but after that you won’t even be able to walk home with that cold….unless you call an uber who will drive thafley because the roads will be quite thongue is starting to freethe already 😦

Thank you for coming all the way here and do share your comments on what you like and don’t like about winter..funny and weird things that you experienced in winter, i know my face was blown by an icy wind that got me moving my lips without saying a word.

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OK, that’s all,Bye.

Stay Ithy … i mean icy πŸ™‚