“This coming year i will have new goals” …..what happened to the goals you made in the beginning of this year???

2017 is around the corner and everyone will be posting up there new goals but it makes me wonder if 2016 goals were achieved :-/

Some people have serious goals and others have funny goals, very funny goals like becoming the president of USA!!! but as long as they are not funny in your point of view, you can become the president :-D, just look at the president-elect of USA … that was quite a goal achieved.


Most people have a Β similar goal that i know which is posting your goals on social media and that’s it. Its not even on your diary or something, then whom are your goals for? Β is it for us who read them 😐 ?

The truth is no one needs to know your goals, keep them to yourself, wake up with determination, surround yourself with inspiration to motivate you in achieving your goals.

If you know you can’t achieve long term goals just make Β short term goals like combing your hair, brushing your teeth, i mean, some people are too busy not achieving there goals that they forget to brush there teeth πŸ™‚ , make babies but with just one dad, don’t be so baby goal – oriented that you forget who is the father of each kid :-/ that’s messed up. Eat more and don’t worry about being skinny because You Only Live Once, you might never get another chance to eat that burger again.Don’t go to the gym,just wear gym outfits and take pictures,everyone will think you really workout :-D. There is no point of going to the gym on the 1st of January if you can’t keep up for the rest of the year? Just look at this.


So here are some wise words to goal writers, if you have something to do, do it today because you have only so many tomorrows :-p

As they say,we only regret the chances we didn’t take,so instead of having new goals in 2017 just catch up on the goals you had set for 2016 :-).

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Ok, that’s it. Bye!!