Everyone loves to get a compliment but there is just one thing we want to hear when we give you one, “Thank you.”

When someone takes the time to give you a compliment its because they admired or liked what they saw and felt the urge to express it to you.

It doesn’t mean that they want to know all the details, especially ladies. I say ladies because, well, i mean we love compliments cause it makes us feel good about ourselves and i think that’s like a culture, to give ladies a compliment.Am not saying that we reeeeeally need compliments, cause we know we look good from the moment we step out the door but you know, one or two compliments wouldn’t hurt nobody……………who am i kidding,we need compliments :-D.

There is this thing that people have when they are given a compliment, like when you tell someone she has beautiful hair and its like you just turned a rap tape on. The person will not say thank you, that’s the first thing you won’t notice cause she will start asking you if you really like it, if you say yes, just spare some more of your time to be wasted :-/. Β She will tell you how many inches long it is, where she bought it, which country its from, the name of the hair, we all know its hair but they have different names, the unique the name, the better the hair :-D. This person will go on and on making you even regret giving her a compliment. No one needs to know all of that, the only thing that will make her say thank you is if the hair is borrowed πŸ˜€ By the way this is not natural hair am talking about, are you with me? i know you are because you probably have a weave on ;-).

Some people are too shy too accept a compliment and don’t believe anything nice you say to them, you tell someone she is cute and she will blush for seconds and then say that you are lying :-/ what if you are told that you look like a potato, will you also blush πŸ˜€ ??

Good compliments come from our friends but we do not believe them, you’d rather have a stranger compliment you, a person you totally don’t know telling you, you look good. You never know why strangers give you compliments, maybe they woke up and decided to give a good compliment to whoever they see looking like a lost sack of potato,yet you just smile there like you won a lottery smh.

The genuine compliments come randomly and are very rare so if you’re lucky to get a genuine compliment just say thank you and have a fabulous day. If someone tells you you look cute today it probably means you were ugly yesterday πŸ˜€ just appreciate, laugh it out and move on.

Thanks for reading all the way here πŸ™‚

Ok,that’s it. Bye πŸ™‚