Aloha! Hope you guys are doing well and covered if you are in a cold place πŸ™‚ .I told you guys the cold weather is a bad one πŸ˜€ Β but don’t mind, its just a season.

So lets go right into this zone. Have ever been in a situation where your mum or elder relative takes you to a gathering of people who knew you when you Β were baby?? and you can’t remember them because you probably moved from that surrounding a long time ago. Now you’re like 20 years old and your mum expects you to remember them.

There you are sited and they start coming with excitement wanting to hug you. You go in for the hug but in your mind you’re like “who is this one? which house was hers? whats her name? why is she hugging me so tight? why can’t i remember?”

Then your mum comes all happy and asks “do you remember her?” the minute you say no πŸ˜€ she will hold your hand and start shaking you as if your memory will come back πŸ˜€ . She will start with “Don’t you remember this lady who used to give you cookies? she used to call you everyday and buy you something…she also cooked for you nice food when you were crying…you played with her kids!..she gave you that blue dress you liked so much..”

At that point you just want to disappear Β because she will keep on bringing different kind of people which you don’t remember to greet you. Once she gets distracted with gossip, you just look for a corner to hide and just stay in your zone, thinking about what time you will leave. When its time to leave, you get yourself leading the way upfront leaving your mum behind trying to catch up πŸ˜€ .

Next time, she won’t do all that introduction thing.

Ok,that’s it.Bye