Beauty goes deeper than the surface. I think most girls have this insecurity in which they feel like they cannot do without make-up. I never used to really focus on makeup Β before moving to Dubai. I would just stay like that and no one would say anything or comment unwanted comments on my face because that’s how everyone was in the neighbourhood.

I infact hate makeup, i just put it on when i am going to work, i do not like to use it as a cover up but just to play with it. When i say ‘it’ i don’t mean all the layers that people apply. I just do my eyebrows because they are the only feature that i wasn’t blessed with(which is fine with me, am a black queen anyway Β πŸ˜€ ), moisturizer and lipstick and that’s it.

When i come from work the only thing i want to do is just clean my face to take out the fake things “eyebrows.” I am so used to just stay without makeup because it made me get used to my natural face and love it.


I think the society we live in has blinded us even to our own selves and our identity.We do not need make up to feel beautiful or for someone to think we are beautiful. So i want to challenge each one of you reading this to upload on Instagram or create a post with a picture of your natural face. Use that to pass a message to people to love themselves. For the Instagram uploads lets use the hashtag #iamnotinsecure and don’t forget to tag me, my Instagram username isΒ nyambura22

For the photos tagged i will put all the photos together and post them here. For the blog posts, spread the message and add your natural pretty face on it.

Lets spread this and keep it going, am looking forward to the tags of each of your beautiful faces :-).

Ok, that’s it.Bye πŸ™‚


66 thoughts on “#iamnotinsecure”

  1. This was such a great post. There was a time in my life that I couldn’t go anywhere without makeup on my face then I broke out with a face filled with cystic acne so I stopped wearing makeup. At first it was uncomfortable but I stopped caring. I cured my acne and now I barely use makeup. I can count the number of times I’ve used makeup on my face on my five fingers.

    Can I just add that you’re gorgeous and your smile is pretty! 😊

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  2. Its only been in the recent months where I thought “Meh! Screw this fake mask I always wear” & have kept my makeup more natural than ever. It was a challenge to go without all that blush, dark lipsticks & fake eyelashes but once I did, it felt sooooo goood! I felt…like Me. We’re allowed to be who we really are.
    Beautiful post, dear! A very good reminder πŸ™‚

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  3. Your natural face and smile is so beautiful! Your words are important. When I was younger I always wore make up. After a while it became something that I had to do like brush my teeth before I went out. I don’t know when it changed but it did. Like you the only time, I wore make up was when I went to work. I’m actually attributing the change to yoga. I believe that having a yoga practice gets me in touch with the real me. Make up wearing isn’t the real me…..although, I don’t mind wearing it for work. I also wrote a post about insecurity on my blog… – Just thought I would share…


  4. Good post! I think makeup can be fun, girly and womanly. Certain cosmetics can enhance your appearance, such as your eyebrow pencil you use to enhance your eyebrows. I enjoy some cosmetics, but I also enjoy letting my skin breathe as well. I don’t really think it has too much to do with insecurities or one not liking themselves. I believe everyone is entitled to feel good and happy with themselves. It is really about one’s preference to me and neither way is right or wrong. I think when we make a big issue out of certain things it can cause those that may wear a lot of makeup to feel insecure about themselves because they are being judged for doing something they enjoy. We need to be more mindful when we express our feelings toward certain topics. Interesting post though!

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    1. Awwww,,i have always wanted to sit with women like you from the 60s from my home and just ask questions of how it was.I wish it was the same era with now sometimes,there is just so much going on with this era now but you are one good soul,cool and beautiful grandma 😘

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  5. Well I’m an older woman and I just started wearing makeup just to play in, sounds crazy but I did!!! lol I great with or without and usually don’t wear it unless I have to!! Great read, pics are pretty!!

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    1. thank you,it feels good that you appreciate yourself without it too πŸ™‚ i agree its all about play not cover up because of lack of self love,,,thanks for reading…why don’t you post about it too and lets spread the message……..?

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