Beauty goes deeper than the surface. I think most girls have this insecurity in which they feel like they cannot do without make-up. I never used to really focus on makeup Β before moving to Dubai. I would just stay like that and no one would say anything or comment unwanted comments on my face because that’s how everyone was in the neighbourhood.

I infact hate makeup, i just put it on when i am going to work, i do not like to use it as a cover up but just to play with it. When i say ‘it’ i don’t mean all the layers that people apply. I just do my eyebrows because they are the only feature that i wasn’t blessed with(which is fine with me, am a black queen anyway Β πŸ˜€ ), moisturizer and lipstick and that’s it.

When i come from work the only thing i want to do is just clean my face to take out the fake things “eyebrows.” I am so used to just stay without makeup because it made me get used to my natural face and love it.


I think the society we live in has blinded us even to our own selves and our identity.We do not need make up to feel beautiful or for someone to think we are beautiful. So i want to challenge each one of you reading this to upload on Instagram or create a post with a picture of your natural face. Use that to pass a message to people to love themselves. For the Instagram uploads lets use the hashtag #iamnotinsecure and don’t forget to tag me, my Instagram username isΒ nyambura22

For the photos tagged i will put all the photos together and post them here. For the blog posts, spread the message and add your natural pretty face on it.

Lets spread this and keep it going, am looking forward to the tags of each of your beautiful faces :-).

Ok, that’s it.Bye πŸ™‚