My home designs

One of my favorite things to do when on my laptop is pinning images on pinterest. I got another thing to do which i have been so glued to thing past week. Designing πŸ™‚ . I have always had a vision of how i would design my house the day i go back to my country FOR GOOD. Β I was going through creative things to do and i got one app, its called “DESIGN HOMES.”Β 

I just started and am already at βˆ—3.91 overall stars πŸ™‚ , almost getting to βˆ—4. I love it because i am obsessed with interior decor and once i get the right color for the house, creativity just flows. My favorite colors for interior design is pure black, pure white and grey.

Anyway i pinned all the designs i have done so far on my pinterest board, clickΒ my home designsΒ to have a look and download the app if you like being creative like me πŸ™‚ .


13 thoughts on “My home designs”

  1. Your taste proves my theory about decorating skipping generations. Your choices look like the homes of my adolescence, which I of course rebelled against. So my home looks like that of my grandparents against whose taste my parents were rebelling! How do your parents and grandparents do their homes? When do you get to move back?


    1. their homes are just a normal neat house not much decor, just a simple home but for my mum she loves brown color as part of the furniture….weeeeelll i get to move back when i am fully ready to move back, i still have so much to achieve and i have that opportunity here in Dubai.

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