One of my favorite things to do when on my laptop is pinning images on pinterest. I got another thing to do which i have been so glued to thing past week. Designing 🙂 . I have always had a vision of how i would design my house the day i go back to my country FOR GOOD.  I was going through creative things to do and i got one app, its called “DESIGN HOMES.” 

I just started and am already at 3.91 overall stars 🙂 , almost getting to 4. I love it because i am obsessed with interior decor and once i get the right color for the house, creativity just flows. My favorite colors for interior design is pure black, pure white and grey.

Anyway i pinned all the designs i have done so far on my pinterest board, click my home designs to have a look and download the app if you like being creative like me 🙂 .