Yes she just dropped another hit with a Nigerian artist which is just so liiiiiiiiiit!!!! I am talking about the one and only Vanessa Mdee known as vee-money straight from Tanzania. If you don’t know her, she was the first Tanzanian MTV VJ. She is also an activist, TV and radio host.

She has released singles that were on top on East African and African charts, won some of the African awards, done collabos with African artist which have been hits and she is still rising. She is one if the African artist that i can listen to all day long. What i love about her songs is that they are all diverse and bring different flavors to her music and….she blends our language so beautifully. Kenyans and Tanzanians speak the same language, swahili. Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Republic of Congo speak some swahili too.


Anyway she just dropped this hit called “just like that” with Orezi and the video is out. You can watch itย here. The video is lit! the outfits, that South African kinda beat and of course the dance is so dope. The type of song that any African will enjoy and she stills adds Swahili and Orezi sings in Nigerian too and some English aaaaah!!!! its just awesome.

Make sure to check that song out and her latest single “cash madame” to all the ladiesย here.


I hope she will see this post someday!! i love her.

Ok, that’s it. Bye Vanessa ๐Ÿ˜€



12 thoughts on “Vee-money!”

  1. Ok. So here I am a 69 year old grandmother totally enjoying the video where the women take all the men’s money! About time that the tables are turned. Just think, if I didn’t follow you I would never have heard any of this music. Thanks.

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