Jhene Aiko “TRIP” visual review.

Have you guys seen it??????????????? Its a 23:13 minutes visual for the new album “trip” which is already out and i just can’t with this. I mean its a beautiful, heartbreaking, vulnerable and honest journey that Jhené takes us through.

She lost her brother in 2012 if am not wrong, may he Rest In Peace and this visual shows how it is to lost a missing piece (her brother) that you can’t find anywhere or in anyone.

From trying to fall in love to fill that void and falling out of love, feeling depressed and using drugs just to worsen it and finally finding that inner peace.

The music in the visual is so good already and the poetry too which hints how good the album is, perfect. I love Jhené’s music since i heard bed peace featuring Childish Gambino and from there i started listening to her more. She has this soft voice that she doesn’t have to hit a high note for you to listen 🙂 . You just go with the flow and the lyrics. I would say its in the same vibe as 9 by Willow Smith ft. SZA, i can listen to that type of music repeatedly.

So if you have not seen it just click HERE. I haven’t had the time to listen to the whole album but i will do that tomorrow and i already know its great 🙂 .

My favorite poetry line in the visual is this one:

Grandpy named me Penny but you taught me i was plenty and you taught me that to be complete that you have to be empty and free from all the miseries and energies that hinder me, you brought me to my inner peace, you taught me it was meant for me. It ends how it begins my friend. Until we meet again.

Thank you for reading. love you 🙂 .


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