A new day, a new post!! Welcome to another bloggy blog if you are new and if you are a regular, am glad you still here 🙂 . Not going to waste any time, so lets get to it ↓↓

On today’s post its all about TATTOOS. People ink themselves for different reasons, it may be a form of art expression, inspiration, goals, family, struggles, love and many more.

A permanent tattoo stays forever so i would rather do a temporary one if i would ever consider it. I mean that skin is not going to stay tight forever 😀 (if you know what i mean). You can also use the black heena for a piece of art on your body for a short period of time. People ink themselves in different parts of their bodies but one part i am not a fan of is on the face. I just think it messes up the your features unless its a cool eyebrow tattoo 😉 .

So lets check out some different tattoo ideas that i found and obviously love.

the little or not so little ♥


the quotes




There you have it! Which is your favorite idea? I think i love the little ones more if it was on my skin and i would probably get it behind my ear.

If you have a tattoo, comment below ↓↓↓ and tell us which type you have.

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Love you 🙂