Dubai Fitness Challenge 30 x 30

A new day, a new post!! Welcome to another bloggy blog if you are new and if you are a regular, am glad you still here 🙂 . We are talking about what’s on in Dubai so LETS.GET.TO IT↓↓

Tomorrow (20th October) is the opening weekend carnival for the Dubai Fitness Challenge 30 x 30. This is a city initiative that encourages everyone to commit 30 minutes of exercise for 30 days. There is so many activities planned in the whole city including 1500 free classes all across different fitness studios, parks, community areas and public spaces. It goes on from 20th October to 18th November and the good news is you don’t really have to attend the carnivals or all the public exercises because there is an app where you can log your daily exercise activities from wherever you are. It measures your results, body measurements and personal records.

On the other hand if you want to participate on the free classes and events, the app has all of it listed including the locations too. More on that are some e-vouchers that you can download for exciting deals across Dubai including food & beverage and fitness merchandise to name a few.

So if you’ve been having that “i need to start getting fit” song everyday, maybe you need to reach the climax of that song now and get on it with this challenge 😀 .

Thank you for reading 😀 . Until next time.

Love you:-D






12 thoughts on “Dubai Fitness Challenge 30 x 30”

  1. I was so sad I wasnt able to participate. Was it fun?
    Love your blog, btw. Since I am a new blogger I would love to connect. Check out and say hi 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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