Welcome to my bloggy blog if you are new to this world 🤣.

So ever since I went home I have been finding out about oils and I have been loving it.

I use oils on my face and it has been the most beautiful thing in my skin care.

That’s why today am sharing with you this little routine on how have a natural glow with oils.

So I just washed my face and i am applying a toner, which is the THAYERS ROSE PETAL WITCH HAZEL TONER. I love it so much ✨.

The next step is my applying moisturizer in which I use ROSEHIP SEED OIL. This oil is amazing, I just love how it softly goes into the skin instantly and it has really helped my skin kind of even out slowly by slowly.

So I apply 3-4 drops of the oil on my face by patting first then gently massaging it through.

The next oil am going to use is the derma e RADIANT FACIAL OIL by Sunkiss Alba. I have been in love with this oil ever since I bought it. It contains argan, seabuck thorn and jojoba oils and also has a shimmer to it, giving you that glowing skin.

After massaging that into the skin too. I make my eyebrows, put a little mascara and add a facial spray which is the ROSE DEWY GLOW face mist by the body shop.

For a little more glow on my chest as well. I add a few drop of the radiant facial oil by Sunkiss Alba on my chest and spread it out evenly.

Then one more time I spray the face mist to add the most amazing glow on my chest as well as my face.

And done✓

Thats how you achieve a natural glow with oils.

Watch the full video of natural glow with oils on my YouTube channel right here.

Do you use oils, which one do you use??? Drop your answer on the comments below👇👇

I love you for reading❤️

Mbura ❤️


23 thoughts on “NATURAL GLOW WITH OILS”

  1. Beautiful! I liked the post before I read because your skin looks amazing!

    I also use Thayer’s but follow with coconut oil. I also like an oil blend (jojoba, grapeseed and shea butter oil with fragrance) I buy from a local skincare chef. Does rosehip have a scent?

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    1. Thank yooooouuuu!!!! I don’t use coconut cause it makes me itch so I prefer jojoba mostly. Oh I also blend oils like you, it’s so fun I just like mixing 😂😂😂😂. The rosehip I use is from life Flo and it actually has an earthly smell. Has no fragrance cause it’s made from the seed itself.

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