It’s Mon-Slay and I am here to give you some slaying words and advice.

So many people have so many wishes and dreams but what if we turn those wishes and call them ideas 💡. That’s the smartest thing that I have learnt this season.

Why don’t you call it an idea and make a plan to execute it if you really think it’s something you really want to achieve.

That’s where I think most people kind of let themselves down and keep wishing but never lifting a hand to work on it.

Once you turn it into an idea. Note it down, make plans and make it come alive.

How can you plan?

  • Know what you want
  • Research on the resources needed
  • Make a schedule
  • Make a presentation with your vision
  • Contact the right people
  • Don’t stop till your idea comes alive

So stop wishing and start coming up with ideas.

Have a Mon-Slay!

I love you for reading 🤗

Mbura ❤️


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