Top 5 weekend moods

To some people Friday is just another weekend and to others it THE WEEKEND!

Depending on how you wake up on a Friday, you always set a mood for the weekend. Let’s look at 5 weekend moods.



A relaxing mood is most probably my favorite. Just to unwind and let the day go by. No bras, no heels, just you and a cool shower or a nice hot bath, do some skincare routines and that’s it.



Those series that you’ve been waiting to watch the whole week! A weekend is a perfect day to watch them at home. No distractions, get some snacks, juice and watch your series.



You haven’t seen your friends for a whole week because you’ve all been busy with work. Going out together and just catching up feels so good on a weekend. You can go to brunches and eat good food or go for drinks. Nothing better than food, drinks, laughter and friends. Oh! and snaps ofcourse.



I meeeeean, dancing is so much fun, coming from a person who loves dancing. Its literally letting loose. It doesn’t matter if you can or cannot dance, just put some music on and shake the week off!



Aaaaah!! Going to swim is just so good. Playing on the sand like that little kid that you used to be is even better. Most beaches are free, so if you have no idea of what to do on a weekend. The beach is the answer, take advantage of summer to get a perfect tan and show off that bikini hiding in your drawer.
Which mood is your favorite for a perfect weekend? comment below and share your mood this weekend.

I love you for reading.



15 thoughts on “Top 5 weekend moods”

  1. This weekend…is not really about relaxing, cause, exams, but even when j have Friday’s like the first, the no bra thing is a big thumbs up. The skincare take care but though….nahh
    There’s more chance that I won’t even take a bath that day.

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