5 habits of productive people.

Have you ever ended a day with this question, “what did i actually do today?.” Yeap! So many successful people get their things done in time and in such a manner that makes you wonder how they can do all that and at the same time have time for themselves, their business and family.

So what is it that this successful people do that makes them so productive? Well, if you want to be inspired, the time is now, keep scrolling down.

Am going to share with you 5 habits of productive people that will help you be more productive too.

Wake up early.


The early bird catches the worm. Waking up early makes it easier for you to focus while everyone else is sleeping. It gets you motivated knowing you are going to accomplish your tasks of the day in time. You get more time to reflect on how your day will be. It makes you have extra time to do extra activities after your tasks like going to the gym and the most important thing is that you get time to have an energetic healthy breakfast to start the day.

Create a routine.


What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Can you squeeze in time to meditate or to work out. Are going to get time to write a blog post? You need to master the perfect routine to get you up and going. Avoid wasting time in the morning not even knowing what you are going to wear, not knowing where you shoes are. Make a morning and night routine for yourself that is going to save you time. Create a routine that will guide you step by step for the rest of the day.

Master your to do list


Successful people have so many tasks to do in a day and what they do to get everything done on time is through categorizing tasks. You have to know what you are going to do today, tomorrow, this week or next month. Creating a to do list can really help you to be organized and manage your time wisely. Prioritizing the most important tasks and getting them done in time will make you be more productive in achieving your goals in the limited time that you set for yourself.

Get off social media


Social media is a great platform for inspiration but guess what? Scrolling through your Instagram the whole day is definitely not going to make you productive. You need to get up! Get the social media distraction out of the way. Control technology and don’t let technology control you. Turn off notifications in all social media accounts if you really want to meet your goals on time. Kim Kardashian can wait, Beyonce can wait and all your friends can wait but your goals depend on your productivity.



If you want to be organized and productive make sure you get some sleep. Maximum of 8 hours is enough for you to recharge your mind and body. Set a time to go to sleep which will make you ready to wake up early.

At the end of the day, you will go to bed with a tick on your list for accomplishing a goal.

What are your habits for having a productive day? comment below and lets inspire each other.

I love you for reading.

Mbura ✨


11 thoughts on “5 habits of productive people.”

  1. All these tips seem so productive. I really have to start waking early and will set routines.. I just want to say that your blogs have Improved so much and I am super proud of you gurl πŸ’•


  2. I very much agree with waking up early and getting off social media! My sleep is improving from 4 hours to 7 or 8! And for me, identifying early on which things are important and which things are urgent is a key to having a productive day. I always do the important things first before the urgent ones. πŸ˜‰

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