Hi fellow blogger,

Welcome to my blog,am glad you clicked here.

Talking of being a mixed kid,I love life,fashion,creative images and social media.

You thought i’d say i’m of a mixed race,right?


…….Yeah,u guessed right.

I am a mixed breed,no am not a humanzee…what in the world is that?

I’m Tracy Nyambura (Mbura). My dad’s half Scottish half Kenyan and my mum is pure Kenyan. The majority blood wins, so am Kenyan.



I’m in my early twenties and its the weirdest,happiest,saddest and most confusing era.

Residing in Dubai now,i moved here a year ago because well,i was obviously looking for a job but my hometown is Mombasa, Kenya. I love that place like fried chicken.

Starting from humble beginnings,my first job was housekeeping,yap,your eyes read right!!

I learned a lot especially appreciating what comes your way and guess what?..this mixed person,i mean Kenyan, got a promotion as a Guest Service Executive at a fitness club just after a year.

I don’t have a particular manifesto in life but i have quite a few:

  • Trust in yourself,no one’s is going to trust you if you can’t trust yourself.
  • Go after what you want,including them booooys….ha!! i mean career-wise, work hard, do the impossible to reach your targets.
  • Ask for guidance from people who are already there,it wouldn’t hurt to get some tips from experienced people, that’s how we get to connect and learn from others.
  • Some people won’t love what you do,to hell with them,believe in yourself ,they don’t add anything valuable to your life.
  • Have fun in what you do.
  • Love yourself.

What are you going to see on my blog?

Some content…we will have some talks and know what you’ve been doing when mama ain’t around!!

Joking,we will talk about new fashion trends,random life-relatable topics,the desert,i mean Dubai and whats happening in social media…and i will share with my favorite blogs that i always stalk,it could be yours!!


My tag line

Deserted in Confetti: Everyone knows Dubai was once a desert and look at it now, you can barely tell it was a desert. That’s my inspiration,build your way up in life,career,family,relationships and you will be full of success,happy and shine like a desert that’s covered in confetti.

Thanks for reading all way down.

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Sending love your way.