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Blank Stares.

blank stares

Early morning you get in the elevator heading to work or school or wherever you’re going to. You see blank stares and silence when the doors open and you get yourself in the same state when someone else comes in. No one is talking, some people are staring up, down or at the door but have you ever wondered what people are thinking in their minds at that time?? 🙂 . Dirty stuff, right?. You are so nasty :-/  why would you think that? 😀 .

Well lets try to guess what are in their thoughts:

  1. what time will i have breakfast? i didn’t get to eat and am super hungry. I hope my stomach doesn’t make a weird sound (especially me).
  2. why are the lights dim in here?
  3. Somebody doesn’t smell right in here, please make this elevator go faster Lord!!
  4. Why is everyone quiet?..not even a “hi” this people are rude.
  5. Maybe i should start laughing and see if they will also laugh 😀 .
  6. Where is this old lady going this early? she should be sleeping 😀 .
  7. Why is this man staring at me, OMG is he a terrorist? do i look funny or something? mmh ok well lets stare at each other 😀 .
  8. If we get stuck here i will start by introducing myself 😀 .
  9. It will be a busy day at work and i won’t take any stupidity from anyone. I have a whole lot of stress already waking up 😀 😀 .
  10. Let me check my Instagram, Oh Shit no WiFi in here.

You reach ground floor and everyone hops in a rush without saying goodbye 😀 .

That’s all i have today. Comment on other thoughts besides the one i mentioned that people have in their minds during that silent ride in the elevator 🙂 .

Thank you for reading. Love you.





Jhene Aiko “TRIP” visual review.

every flower must

Have you guys seen it??????????????? Its a 23:13 minutes visual for the new album “trip” which is already out and i just can’t with this. I mean its a beautiful, heartbreaking, vulnerable and honest journey that Jhené takes us through.

She lost her brother in 2012 if am not wrong, may he Rest In Peace and this visual shows how it is to lost a missing piece (her brother) that you can’t find anywhere or in anyone.

From trying to fall in love to fill that void and falling out of love, feeling depressed and using drugs just to worsen it and finally finding that inner peace.

The music in the visual is so good already and the poetry too which hints how good the album is, perfect. I love Jhené’s music since i heard bed peace featuring Childish Gambino and from there i started listening to her more. She has this soft voice that she doesn’t have to hit a high note for you to listen 🙂 . You just go with the flow and the lyrics. I would say its in the same vibe as 9 by Willow Smith ft. SZA, i can listen to that type of music repeatedly.

So if you have not seen it just click HERE. I haven’t had the time to listen to the whole album but i will do that tomorrow and i already know its great 🙂 .

My favorite poetry line in the visual is this one:

Grandpy named me Penny but you taught me i was plenty and you taught me that to be complete that you have to be empty and free from all the miseries and energies that hinder me, you brought me to my inner peace, you taught me it was meant for me. It ends how it begins my friend. Until we meet again.

Thank you for reading. love you 🙂 .

Hello September.

Just remember there is someone out there that is more than happy with less than what you have

Good  moooooooooooooorning!!!!!!!!!!! Well it is a GOOD morning.

First of all, its a historical moment in Kenya and Africa. The Supreme Court just nullified the previous presidential election and ordered for a new presidential poll within 60 days. It was so unfair and took lives of innocent people. So all the best to our country. AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!! now i wish i was at home. Its  great day for Kenya today.

Anywaaaaaaaaaaaay…we are welcoming a new month so its a good start and happy Eid to all the Muslims here in UAE and all over the world.

Make your September great because i know mine will be tough and will require all my energy for it. It will be a step closer to my dreams and am heading to it with full force.

So cheers to the freaking September. May the weather start to change 🙂 because this heat is just on another level and may we be safe and happy.

Have a good day!!!! and click the link HERE to listen to one of my favourite songs that i loved on August.

That’s it for the 1st of September.

After Work Routine

Affordable accomodations, friendly staff, and breakfast any way you like.

How you doin?? hope everyone is as all gooooood. So today we are talking about the title of this post, if you haven’t seen it i don’t know how you got here 🙂 .

One thing i usually feel after work is “just tired” especially when i have had morning shifts continuously because that means waking up at 4:00 am in the morning. Which is a good shift because i finish work early but getting out of that bed is a nightmare.

To get that “tired” feeling out of my system, i have a routine that i  follow especially this coming month and October i want to really stick to it because greater things are coming. Will update you guys at the end of October ♥

So! After work…..

  • Change up for a group exercise class. I work at a health club so i became interested in the classes and i have been doing some of them especially BODY PUMP and RPM, they are Les Mills classes which are so good. You can check out the website HERE  If the class i want to do is not on until later i just go home, change and go to the gym and do a few workouts.
  • Look for something little to eat because i will be all sweating and hungry
  • Clean and do laundry if i have some
  • Take shower and prepare dinner
  • Get on the internet and open all my social media to see what’s happening, get creative with some art apps, watch some vlogs or search for something online
  • Prepare my clothes for the next day and plan which group class i will attend
  • Set my alarm
  • Spend time with my significant other if he arrives
  • Take dinner
  • Social Media again
  • Sleep

…..and that’s basically my day after work. Everyone has a different routine, you can comment yours and we can check it out below 🙂  I would say stick to what you can do and don’t over work yourself.

So drop your thoughts on my routine if i should change or add anything 🙂 .

Thank you for reading all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay here.

That’s it for today 🙂 .

Add me on snapchat for other updates @andrelligence




Maya & Jada

episode 28

Jada (on the right) has a rare genetic disorder which came about as a result from surviving a stroke as an infant. She can’t walk or talk properly and she has to wear a diaper.

Maya (on the left) is such a sweet and intelligent sister, she wants to teach her sister to walk and talk. She already sees Jada as an independent and great woman when she grows up. They have this special bond that you can feel it when you see them (link of the video is below) .

They are such a beautiful family. Maya has a big heart and i just love them. Can’t find their Facebook or Instagram page though, I just want to see them more after seeing their video.

I wish Jada all the best in the world. May she grow up to be a strong woman.

Here is the link to the video JADA AND MAYA

That’s it for today.




The first season of claws was so good and the final episode was on fire!! Lots of twists, action and stupidity especially the scene of Roller, uncle daddy and Bryce fighting to Whitney’s song “i wanna dance with somebody” 😀 😀 .

This series just deserves all the awards as Solange tweeted

and Karrueche…..she deserves a clap! she was just amazing in her role but she is pregnant with Deans’ baby. Now i can’t wait for Season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The biggest highlight was the last scene, this Doctor was all this while a drug dealer????????? 😮 . Claws owned this summer.

Lets wait for Season Twoooooooooooooooo.







How to…..smoothie!!

Hi guys, you know when you are idle and you have nothing to do so you keep opening the kitchen cabinets looking for something to eat? 😀 . I saw my peanut butter and had an idea!!  lets make a thick chocolate peanut butter smoothie 🙂 .

Before we start, i have never made any kind of smoothie so if you follow my recipe don’t comment that it didn’t turn out so great 😀 😀 😀 .

So we will start by putting some cornflakes, 2 spoons of peanut butter and milo or any cocoa powder that you have.


Then add 1 cup of milk and a spoon a sugar if you would like to, that’s optional. Don’t say i forced you to add sugar 😀 .


You can already tell its going to be yummy 🙂 I get a feeling that am just playing here, it looks like mud 😀 . Lets plug it in and see some magic.

Here we go…..


Argh!! you see that one cornflakes that always doesn’t blend with the rest :-/ . Anyway, that’s the “magic.” So you pour it in a glass and add a slice of banana or if its very thick like mine, put in a little plate/bowl with banana slices and cookies then take that trip to sweetness 🙂 .


More cornflakes!!!!!!!! There we are guys and girls 😀 . I hope yours turned out great and sweet. Thanks for reading all the way here. Love you!!

Ok, that’s it. Bye 🙂

How to…..


Holla! lets share this with people who really need to see it. Its tough out there, just be you because there can be no better you than you. The world doesn’t owe you.

Peace out!


Good and not so good day

Do you guys watch tennis and understand it? like how to count the points and stuff cause i don’t. The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships started yesterday but i went to watch todays’ match. Had a free entrance so i took my loved one with me. As i said i don’t understand tennis but i know Serena and Venus Williams are tennis stars which i think is enough 😀 .

wait for this part 😦

Monica Puig and Yaroslava Shvedova were playing when we arrived at the stadium and i got a nice shot of Yaroslava


Unfortunately she lost so now i wish i could have gotten a shot of the winner :-/ . Anyway we enjoyed then something bad happened. My phone fell and the screen cracked at the front camera 😦 .

took this photo when i got home

Yeah the same camera i use to take selfies! I felt like crying but shook it off because i have another camera so no problem. Well the worst was coming………..I went home and was using a knife to cut something, i put the knife in a position where the sharp side was facing up. As i was cutting what i was cutting i had to put a lot of force because it was hard and you know what happened? i used so much force and the knife went right up my forehead and i cut myself. Sorry for this “unprofessional photo” but i took it right after i panicked.


So now there is no more face pictures at all!!!! the phone camera cracked and now my face too. I guess it was my day today 😀 😀 but i thank the Most High that i am safe and didn’t chop my eyes off.

Got to see tennis game live and finished the day with good African food.

I hope you all had a nice day. Thank you for reading 🙂

Ok, that’s it. Bye!





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