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Happy October!

Halo from wherever you are, its the 10th month of the year and i just want to wish you all the best. Mark the dates, find peace and make it happen. I know its short 😀 . More is coming... Continue Reading →


They smiling on your face.

They smile on your face hoping you don't make it and when you WIN it kills them so bad. Keep your enemies closer they said and pay close attention to them. Give them a clap for their fake laughter and... Continue Reading →

Blank Stares.

Early morning you get in the elevator heading to work or school or wherever you're going to. You see blank stares and silence when the doors open and you get yourself in the same state when someone else comes in.... Continue Reading →

Jhene Aiko “TRIP” visual review.

Have you guys seen it??????????????? Its a 23:13 minutes visual for the new album "trip" which is already out and i just can't with this. I mean its a beautiful, heartbreaking, vulnerable and honest journey that Jhené takes us through.... Continue Reading →

Hello September.

Good  moooooooooooooorning!!!!!!!!!!! Well it is a GOOD morning. First of all, its a historical moment in Kenya and Africa. The Supreme Court just nullified the previous presidential election and ordered for a new presidential poll within 60 days. It was... Continue Reading →

After Work Routine

How you doin?? hope everyone is as all gooooood. So today we are talking about the title of this post, if you haven't seen it i don't know how you got here 🙂 . One thing i usually feel after... Continue Reading →

Maya & Jada

Jada (on the right) has a rare genetic disorder which came about as a result from surviving a stroke as an infant. She can't walk or talk properly and she has to wear a diaper. Maya (on the left) is... Continue Reading →


The first season of claws was so good and the final episode was on fire!! Lots of twists, action and stupidity especially the scene of Roller, uncle daddy and Bryce fighting to Whitney's song "i wanna dance with somebody" :D... Continue Reading →


Yes she just dropped another hit with a Nigerian artist which is just so liiiiiiiiiit!!!!

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