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Deserted In Confetti

24 Things I’ve Learned in 24 Years!!!!

Welcome to another bloggy blog post on this beautiful magnificent birthday of mine 🤣. Are you new here? If you are, you are much embraced and get ready to go through today's post with me. To my special gang i... Continue Reading →


Eyebrows with just 2 tools.

Welcome to another bloggy blog post if you are new 😋 and if you are a regular part of my gang, thank you for staying with me 😘. This is not going to be a loooong post 😂 fortunately. It's... Continue Reading →

That #selfiestruggle

It's a selfie struggle....

It’s All Connected

Just a few words for someone out there who is asking why "this" is happening to them. Everything happens for a reason so let's embrace whatever comes our way. You are loved. Mbura❤️


happiness and contentment

I met Teyana Taylor!!

Welcome to another bloggy blog if you are new😇 and if you are a regular, am happy you're still here😘 (even though this is my first december post😬). So! you already know what it iiiiiiiis!!! I met this gorgeous woman... Continue Reading →

Inhale the good shit.

"Knowing your power is what creates humility, not knowing your power is what creates insecurity."

Joining the TRIBE.

I don't even know where to start. I still have excitement in me

2 more days!

Hallo gang and welcome to another bloggy blog

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